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Chef Florabel whets your appetite with Sub-Zero and Wolf

Chef Florabel Co is in a league of her own. For one, she never had any formal training when it comes to culinary arts aside from her HRM degree, and yet, she single-handedly catapulted Florabel, her restaurant that serves flavorful Filipino comfort dishes, to fame. More than a decade after her initial venture in 2005, she now has 22 restaurants all over key areas in the metro such as Felix, Elias, and Crisostomo to name a few, making food aficionados rejoice with myriads of choices.
As a person dedicated to her craft, Chef Florabel makes sure that her personal values are evident in all her endeavors, especially when taking care of her own family. “I cook at home all the time. I like to showcase my skills to my husband when we’re home,” she shares candidly. With her unshakeable regard to quality, it should come as no surprise why she only wanted the best for her own kitchen.
"I've worked with different brands and I could say that Sub-Zero and Wolf perfectly complement my lifestyle and they address my needs efficiently. That’s why I decided to have them in my new kitchen," she says. Predominantly done in white and earth tones with chrome accents, her fortress is fitted with top-class kitchen appliances and cooking instruments from Sub-Zero and Wolf.
"When it comes to performance, I couldn’t wish for anything better than Sub-Zero and Wolf, but what makes them more special is the fact that Focus Global Inc. provides the best after sales service. They are helpful, knowledgeable about their products, and very dependable," she attests.
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