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Sub-Zero Commits to Keeping Your Food Fresher for Longer

Lettuce stored in a Sub-Zero (left) and a regular refrigerator (right) for 10 days
From the moment a strawberry is picked, a clock begins to tick. At that precise moment, its flavor is never better, brighter, or sweeter than when it is perfectly ripe. Prolonging that freshness - that fleeting peak taste and texture - is the single-minded mission of Sub-Zero.
For decades, the refrigeration brand has set out to honor fresh food and prolong its value, so it could be enjoyed in homes all over. By achieving optimum humidity, perfect temperature, and advanced air purification, Sub-Zero created the ideal environment for freshness to thrive. And its features are truly unparalleled.
If there's anything that puts Sub-Zero on a league of its own, that would be the dual refrigeration system. These are two completely separate cooling systems (two compressors, two evaporators) for the refrigerator and freezer. Fresh food such as produce and cheeses stay fresh in an environment with cool, moist air; while the freezer section keeps its atmosphere frigid and dry to keep meats for longer. These two unique humidity requirements are of paramount importance; the two compartments never share air. It's this simple idea that makes such a big difference in the freshness and flavor of your food.
In addition, Sub-Zero's microprocessor keep both the refrigerator and freezer within 1 degree of the temperature you set. An advanced magnetic seal around all four sides of the door makes sure the cold air stays in, effectively conserving energy at the same time. When it comes to keeping the air quality inside your unit pristine, Sub-Zero goes beyond the basic charcoal filter system and goes much farther with an advanced air purification technology used by NASA. It scrubs the air clean every 20 minutes, not just of viruses, molds, and odors, but even ethylene gas (a ripening gas emitted by certain fruits, hastening spoilage for other produce that come in contact with it).
Fresh food matters. It nourishes so many parts of our life, be it our health, our culture, or our ecology. It feeds us in countless ways, and Sub-Zero sets out to honor what fresh food stands for.


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