ICBBW-30/S | Sub-Zero & Wolf Philippines


30'' Column Wine Storage

Temperature, humidity, light, vibration – all these things can harm the flavor of your favorite Chablis or Cabernet. But our ICBBW-30/S built-in wine preservation blends superior-grade materials, advanced technologies and a 70-year tradition of American craftsmanship to defeat the enemies of wine. It incorporates our latest features, to protect your investment and increase your enjoyment of every glass, and has available accessories that enhance your wine experience even further.

The ICBBW-30/S has two individually controlled storage zones, so you can store both reds and whites at the proper temperature. Full-extension racks glide smoothly in and out, providing access without agitating wine. UV-resistant glass and cocoa black back wall prevent light exposure. Dual evaporators maintain constant, moderate humidity. And bright LED lighting makes it easy to find your favorite bottle. With fifteen racks and a 147-bottle capacity, the ICBBW-30/S is ideal for any serious wine enthusiast.
Dimensions (in): 30 in W x 84 1/64 in H x 23 55/64 in D
Dimensions (mm): 762 mm W x 2134 mm H x 606 mm D
Door Clearance: 31 47/64 in (806 mm)
Wine Storage Capacity: 146 bottles (750 ml)
Weight: 202 kg
Electrical Supply: 220–240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Electrical Service: 1.0 A
Receptacle: 3-prong grounding-type