ICBIC-24R | Sub-Zero & Wolf Philippines


24'' Column All Refrigerator

How often have you wished for a larger refrigerator? Weekly? Daily? We invite you to think modular and solve your food storage problems once and for all. The Sub-Zero Designer 61 cm All Refrigerator Column delivers spacious, well-organized refrigerator storage. Pair it with its partner, the Sub-Zero Designer 61 cm All Freezer Column, and you’ll have flavourful food on hand no matter how large your family or how often you entertain.

Rest assured it will stay fresher longer, thanks to the ICBIC-24R’s advanced food preservation features. NASA-inspired air purification scrubs the air of ethylene gas that hastens food spoilage, and also reduces odours by removing bacteria, mould and viruses. A magnetic door seal system locks in cold, while a state-of-the-art micro-processor precisely controls temperatures. Crisper and deli drawers form a lower-temperature zone ideal for produce and meat. As with all our Designer models, it can be fitted with stainless-steel panels or custom cabinetry panels to virtually disappear into your décor.
Dimensions (in): 24 1/64 in W x 84 1/64 in H x 24 1/64 in D
Dimensions (mm): 610 mm W x 2134 mm H x 610 mm D
Door Clearance: 22 33/64 in (572 mm)
Weight: 154 kg
Refrigerator Gross Capacity: 404 L
Refrigerator Storage Capacity: 352 L
Electrical Supply: 220-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Electrical Service: ≤ 4 A
Receptacle: 3-prong grounding-type
Refrigerator Details
• Three adjustable glass shelves
• Two crisper drawers with dividers
• Deli drawer with dividers
• Three adjustable door shelves
• Two stationary door shelves
• Adjustable dairy compartment