ICBBI-42SD/S | Sub-Zero & Wolf Philippines


42" Side-by-Side Refrigerator/Freezer w/ External Dispenser

Wrinkled fruit, wilted lettuce. You’ve seen your share of past due, even spoiled food in the refrigerator. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way – the Sub-Zero 107 cm Classic Side-by-Side Refrigerator with External Dispenser keeps your food fresher longer with the most advanced food preservation technology available – a technology developed through almost 70 years of research. That means crisper greens, juicier peppers, blueberries that burst with flavour – even weeks after you’ve brought them home from the market. You'll taste the difference.

With Dual refrigeration ®, fresh foods thrive in a humid yet chilly climate, while frozen and convenience foods get the dry, frigid air they need. Sub-Zero refrigerators come with an air purification system (based on technology developed by NASA) that scrubs the air of ethylene and odor every 20 minutes. A magnetic door seal system locks in cold, while an advanced microprocessor provides pinpoint climate control. External dispenser delivers filtered water and ice.
Dimensions (in): 42 1/64 in W x 84 1/64 in H x 24 1/64 in D 
Dimensions (mm): 1067 mm W x 2134 mm H x 610 mm D
Door Clearance: 26 19/64 in (668 mm)
Weight: 276 kg
Refrigerator Capacity: 16 cu ft
Freezer Capacity: 6.4 cu ft
Electrical Supply: 220-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Electrical Service: 13 amp dedicated circuit
Plumbing Supply: 1/4 in OD copper, braided stainless steel or PEX tubing
Plumbing Pressure: 35–120 psi
Refrigerator Details
• 4 Adjustable glass shelves
• 1 Stationary glass shelf
• 1 High-humidity drawer with divider
• 2 Storage drawers with divider
• 3 Adjustable door shelves
• 2 Stationary door shelves
• Adjustable dairy compartment
Freezer Details
• 3 Adjustable wire shelves
• 1 Stationary solid shelf
• 3 Storage drawers
• 5 Adjustable door shelves
• Automatic ice maker
ICBBI-42SD/S/TH - Stainless Steel with Tubular Handle
ICBBI-42SD/S/PH - Stainless Steel with Pro Handle