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How Anthony and Maricel found the perfect partnership for their family and home.

Once upon a time, a couple who are complete opposites finally agreed on two things – that they love each other and that they will build a home of high grade materials for their family. As the husband would say, “After all, this place is going to be our home where we would create our memories!”
Behind this story is the celebrity couple, Anthony and Maricel Pangilinan. Anthony is a management trainer, motivational speaker and productivity consultant while Maricel is an actress, author, and editor. “Anthony is very good in design, arts, and business, while I find writing and editing to be my strongest suits,” Maricel shares. Though the couple may be different in more ways than one, they are bound by the same aspiration – to provide a home full of love and nurturing for their kids.
Anthony stressed on the importance of quality when they were building their house. “I wanted to make it perfect for my growing family,” he shares. With quality and reliability as top considerations, there was no doubt in the couple’s mind what their wish list was for their kitchen. “We always wanted the seamless pair of Sub-Zero and Wolf. No other brand comes close,” Anthony continues.
Just like the kitchens of master chefs, the kitchen in the Pangilinan household is considered a creative playground. It is important that the cooking instruments are built to last, even with constant use. The couple also chose Wolf for their oven, hood, and rangetop to complete the look for their new kitchen.
"Everyone was really excited to use it when it was finished," shares Maricel. "Anthony had the grandest time cooking for the family," she continues. "These two brands really hold a promise of design and performance – known to be of the very best quality. I would only want to give the best to my loved ones. Nothing less!" Anthony finishes."
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