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Eats from the Streets

March 25, 2017 – Sub-Zero and Wolf introduced guests to the exciting world of global street food with its Eats from the Streets cooking demo conducted at its exclusive showroom at The Residences at Greenbelt in Makati City. Focus Global's corporate chefs sought to impress their audience by recreating a selection of the world's best street foods, the latest exciting culinary trend that's kept everyone abuzz in the last year.
First stop was America, where the featured dishes were Tacos de Carnitas from Mexico and Clam Chowder from San Francisco! With pork being the main ingredient of Tacos de Carnitas, the chefs chose to use Wolf's newest line of built-in ovens, the M Series Oven. Roasting pork has never been easier, with the new line's Wolf Gourmet mode whose smart program decided the time, temperature and rack positioning of the pork belly. Together with Wolf’s Temperature Probe which monitors the dish’s internal temperature without having the need to open the oven door, preparing the Tacos de Carnitas was like a child’s play, leaving no room for guesswork!  The Clam Chowder on the other hand, was prepared with the Wolf Induction Cooktop’s True Simmer function. Boiling your soup can be a pain when it’s cream-based and you’re left unaware that the bottom of your soup mix is already scorched – unless taking the trouble of checking it from time to time. The True Simmer function takes away that worry completely.
Our next stop was Asia, where our chefs brought us to Vietnam to enjoy Grilled Chicken Bahn Mi. This product of French colonialism to Vietnam did not fail to impress. It is known to be the perfect marriage between east and west, and even said to be the best sandwich in the world! Its sandwich is made up of French baguette while the inside is influenced by Vietnamese flavors and spices. The chefs showed us how one can easily create a French baguette at home with the help of the Wolf Convection Steam Oven. Commercial kitchens would usually achieve that beautiful gloss to their breads by manually spraying water to the dough while baking. This would mean the laborious task of having to manually open your oven door and being exposed to its heat time and again. The CSO's Convection Steam mode completely does away with that troublesome manual process, and takes care of the technique automatically. What you get in the end is a beautiful French Baguette with an effortless shine to it. Another street food favorite is Curry Fish Ball from Hong Kong, which was prepared with the Wolf Steamer. With the appliance installed in-bench, it made for a convenient cooking experience with the chef easily checking how done the dish was just by quickly looking through its glass lid.
And finally, our last stop was for dessert – delicious Espresso Crepes, from France! The chefs showed us how you can conveniently produce your own espresso from bean to cup with the Wolf Coffee System. Furthermore, the Wolf Induction Cooktop was used to perfectly melt chocolate with the True Melt function. There’s no need to worry about burning your chocolate with this feature on hand!
Want to learn more tips and recipes? Join us in our next cooking demo to be held soon at a Sub-Zero and Wolf showroom. You may call (02) 8705 9999 for more details.


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